Striped Dress. See below.

Playground Style

Stylish-yet-practical clothing isn’t just for grownups. We checked out several cool sites for some of the best in kids’ fashions.


Published date: 

Sep. 1, 2016

This sleeveless white dress features gold metallic and lavender stripes and a centered bow. The Sweetie Stripe Bodice Dress by Hucklebone is a perfect dress for any special and formal function. $180, Available at Shown in the image above.

Red Tutu. Red Tutu.jpg

Styling the future prima ballerina has never looked this bold. The red tutu, the Rosie by PLUM, is a baby fashion statement that says “I’m ready for the world.” This dress can be worn for multiple occasions, birthdays, weddings and princess-themed parties. $50, Available at


Moccasins. Moccassins $72 copy.jpg

These tan tribal styled Austin moccasin leather boots by RECESS NYC can be styled with just about any casual fall look. The gender-neutral boots are genuine leather, the outsoles have protective rubber and the insoles have memory foam so your child can run around comfortably and still strut in style. $72, Available at 

Herringbone jacket & pants. Heringbone_Pant&Jacket.jpg

We are taking it back to the schoolyard with these two Merry Love Joy pieces that create the ultimate schoolboy fall look. The black herringbone jacket has a varsity letterman look with side pockets and a black crewneck collar, while the black drawstrings give the wool pants a more casual appearance. Jacket $140, Pants $70 Available at

Denim Coverall. Denim_Coverall_$80.jpg

This short-sleeve jumper denim coverall by Ultra Violet Kids has copper buttons and is flexible enough that it can be styled with plenty of other clothes and accessories, like a baseball cap and a light jacket. $80, Available at