Plunge Into Blue

The pool as soothing, aesthetic marvel. read more >

Kaleidoscope Summer

With playful yet arresting elegance, fashions the color of Starbursts give the summer intense flavor. read more >

Let Us Go Then, You and I

Visiting our historic buildings on foot read more >

Firing Strikes

Nostalgia for the ’50s has made even hanging out at the lanes hot. read more >

Kitchen Bravado

Giovanni Rocchio of Valentino read more >

5 Best Buildings

We asked six people who know a bit about these things to list the five best buildings in the city. Some of their choices might appear obvious – one bu read more >

A City Rising

Fort Lauderdale is in a whirlwind of construction: apartments, condominiums, offices, hotels, a new county courthouse. read more >

Airport Artist

Dawn Roe is using photography and video to chronicle the expansion at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International. read more >

Ship Shape

The exterior catches people’s eyes, but inside there are also surprises. read more >

Drama In White

Size is no problem for this modern, streamlined house on the water. read more >

The Gift of The Abacos

One woman’s lifelong love for the island chain inspired her to instill it in a new generation. read more >

John Schupback of Casablanca Café read more >

A Colloquy read more >

Up for Adoption

More and more people are discovering the rewards of bringing a rescue animal into their homes. read more >

Front Row: Center

After years of renovations, the Broward Center for the Performing Arts is almost ready for the curtain to rise read more >

Waterside High-Life

South Florida can sometimes be a marriage of luxury and sweltering heat. But summer isn’t without sophistication. read more >

Gator Girl

Wrestling alligators is not just a guy thing. read more >

Puppies ‘R’ Us

Dr. Cindi is a veterinarian who breeds and shows dogs. She trains horses too. read more >

Going Deep

Scuba divers are being joined by free divers beneath the ocean’s surface. read more >

Life in the Plaza

A city's heart in the heart of Mexico read more >

Pomp and Eloquence

The enduring traditions of graduation read more >

Waiting for Our Ships to Come In

Port Everglades has grown significantly over the years and is poised to get even bigger. It just needs the Army Corps of Engineers’ approval. read more >

The Reshaped City

Here, water and land have long had a fluid relationship. read more >

The New Fast

Speedboats have moved from hotrods to center consoles. read more >

In the Key of the Sea

A life aquatic with Be-bob Grabowski read more >

What Lies Beneath

Our coral reefs are in bad shape and under constant threat. But concerted efforts are being made to try to bring them back to health — and to protect read more >

Early Resident Special

The choices may have been limited in the old days, but people took quickly to dining out. read more >

Fresh Fish

The Marlins have put us through a lot over the years – even since they changed their name to Miami – but they’re still the home team we root, root, ro read more >

Singing on Sand

Rock the Ocean’s Tortuga Music Festival returns to Fort Lauderdale Beach with big names and a timely message. read more >

Food Biz

We asked some veteran restaurateurs – and a couple of newbies – to tell us about their work and let us in on a few secrets. read more >

New Kid on the Dock

An executive chef by the time he was 24, Mohamed Khan is now, at 31, the head chef at Shooters Waterfront. “My goal,” he says, “is to make this place read more >

Kitchen Continental

A restaurateur put her classic, functional kitchen in the center of things – the Greek way. read more >

Springtime Serendipity

Lounging around can be just as amorous as it is casual. Dress capriciously and be bold. read more >

Tropical Subtroptical

What the Mango Gang joined together no one can really rend asunder. read more >
An easy-to-use method for keeping track of who’s wining.

The pool as soothing, aesthetic marvel.

With playful yet arresting elegance, fashions the color of Starbursts give the summer intense flavor.

Visiting our historic buildings on foot

Nostalgia for the ’50s has made even hanging out at the lanes hot.
Giovanni Rocchio of Valentino